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Medismo Distribution solution can be implemented in 20 days

As pharma companies grow through alliances, partnerships, mergers & acquisitions, it becomes increasingly important to have an IT backbone that can easily maintain multiple facilities, locations, platforms, regions and languages. The pharma industry is facing low margins, high customer service expectations, a constant fight against counterfeit medicines and global competitive pressures, and the margin for error is negligible.

Medismo Distribution Management & SCM system help pharma companies overcome drug distribution and supply chain challenges with an Robust, Intelligent and Automated system.

Sales data at every level

Medismo PDMS allows you to measure the inventory on daily moving stock levels and help you plan in advance perishable & critical medicines.

How do you ensure rapid delivery of perishable & critical medicines ?

Medismo Pharma Distribution Management Software is your answer to balance compliance, customer satisfaction & profitability

Functional Modules

Take advantage of our expertise in managing pharmaceutical distribution operations.

  • Sales & distribution data: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sales data. Tracks individual products per brand and per SKU
  • Track Secondary Sales: Keeps secondary sales data congruent with primary sales. Facilitates better production planning of medicines and drugs with smaller shelf life
  • Inventory management & stock transfer management across warehouses: Real-time visibility to track inter-warehouse product movement. Better management leads to minimizing warehousing overheads
  • Profitability Analysis and Reporting: Reporting on which product isn't selling well, while which is in demand. Helps to avoid over stocking at retailers' and chemists'
  • Price Protection: Calculates price protection for each distributor/retailer/chemist/MR
  • Financials and accounting: Make any financial process easy-to-manage and totally transparent, including handling multiple simultaneous currencies.

Customer demand for instant information and faster service whilst demanding competitive prices and narrower margins, continues to pressure Pharma sales force for higher productivity at the same time lowering costs . Pharma company's ability to equip its pharma sales force team for efficiently handling scheduling, order entry, order status, promotions, and pricing requests is determining the competitive advantage between it and its competition. Medismo Pharma Billing & Distribution Management Software is made to specifically address those challenges.
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