Mobile CRM for Pharma Works on Android, Blackberry & iPhone

Need for Mobile CRM

Medismo Pharma Mobile CRM allows sales & marketing teams to keep track of various contacts and HCPs very easily.

Pharma Mobile CRM is tailor-made to serve the specific Pharma Industry needs and help the Medical Reps. Access to live field data helps in making prudent decisions. The best part is that, the App could work offline even if they are out of coverage area. Reps are making use of the App by accessing information from past interactions with the doctor while waiting to meet him/her. This saves 1/3rd of time when a New Rep wants to build relationship with a Doctor when someone leaves the job through the detailed customer history & activity details.

Our clients have recouped their investment within a year of implementing Pharma Mobile CRM.

Pharma Mobile CRM: Top benefits

  • Improved productivity by better communication between Sales and Marketing
  • Schedule effective calls through better planning and coaching
  • Ability to handle complex relationships between the Pharma company & its customers - both individual and institutional.
  • Achive better targeting and segmentation
  • Focus on specialty care depending on the launch of new products in certain therapeutic areas.

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Gartner estimates that Global Smart Phone penetration will reach
65% by 2015. Are you ready for it?

Mobile CRM for Pharma is not just a Trend, but a true "business requirement" to remain competitive.

How Mobile CRM can transform Pharma selling?

Pharmaceutical companies dont have to bend their usual activity to fit the technology : with Pharma Mobile CRM your field force is armed with realtime data and comfortable on field. With the advent of GPS, GPRS, 3G speeds on Mobile devices; Medismo Pharma Mobile CRM is ready to realize the pharmaceutical company's vision of a highly productive, nimble & totally mobile field force.

  • — Communicate, collaborate and share information efficiently
  • — 1 key access to customers, distributors, key opinion leaders, product campaigns, etc.
  • — 360 degree view of their customers - including all the interactions with their doctors.
  • — Flexible enough to meet immediate as well as future needs.
  • — Managers & management can track Reps whereabouts in real-time
  • — Works Online/ Offline; with smart syncing based on available connection

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